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IRS6 Experts & Partners

Selecting good solution providers and forging good relationships with them have become an increasingly vital process of rail transport operation. We are witnessing a marked shift from the traditional dependence on the domestic supply market to an interest in the wider and more competitive international supply chain.


International Railway Summit selects and invites key global solution providers who have proven track records of working with leading rail operators to demonstrate their expertise at the annual meetings. Experts are invited to provide one-to-one consultation sessions to buyer delegates, host workshops and technical review sessions, and showcase their products and services in the exhibition area.


The following experts and partners will take part in the 6th International Railway Summit in Prague, 21-23 February 2018:


Gold Sponsors

Broadband internet and multimedia on trains


Fastenings for railroads, metro, underground, tramways and turnouts

Silver Sponsors

Extrusions, vulcanized frames, rings, etc. Silicone, EPDM, CR, NBR, NBR, TPE

Products that fasten, fix, identify, protect cables and connecting components


Truck cranes and excavator attachments

Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions for railway

Computer Software: PI System, Real-Time Operational Data Infrastructure

Safe and reliable Traction Power Control and Field Force Management


Participating Experts

Turnkey solutions for automatic people counting based on most accurate technologies

Passenger Information Systems, Infotainment, Software, customized solutions

An entry point to feed electric and diesel locomotives in train depots & yards

Locomotive jump starting units for engines up to 6000 horse power and maintenance free batteries

Online control of track machines, quality and productivity of track



Association Partners


Brazilian Association of the Railroad Industry


Representative body for UK-based suppliers to railways world-wide

International Marketing Partner

Premium market research reports

We have a variety of sponsorship, exhibition and meeting packages available to solution providers.


For further information and application enquiries please contact

Jules Omura (, +44 20 7112 5397).



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