IRS7 Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof, Frankfurt, Germany


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06.00-09.00 Restaurant Hofgarten

Meeting 12

09.00-09.30 Salon 14 & 15

Panel Discussion: Better data for better outcomes - How can operators keep on top of the data flood and maximise its potential? [Co-organsied by Shift2Rail and UNIFE]

09.00-10.05 Festsaal (Main Ballroom)

Getting more value from data is essential for railways to take a forward leap. Shift2Rail and its members are working to implement digitalisation in railways to the make sure they become the most important mode in the transport eco-system of the future. To do so, Shift2Rail is putting the focus on a number of cutting-edge technologies: implementing computer vision and virtual coupling in trains to help achieve automated rail vehicles; researching block chain in freight supply chains to make management more efficient and multi-modal; and creating network management strategies, fed by big data, sent by sensors on vehicles and rail assets. In this session, high-level representatives of Shift2Rail members presented how they are developing these technologies and how they will impact the future of railways.


Carlo Borghini

Executive Director



Philippe Citroën

Director General

Association of the European Rail Industry (UNIFE)

Libor Lochman

Executive Director

Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER)

Nadia Mazzino

VP Digital Railway and Innovative Technologies

Ansaldo STS

Danijela Ristić-Durrant

Project Coordinator Shift2Rail SMART

University of Bremen

Ming Chen

TNO, Shift2Rail project Smart-Rail & Flex-Rail

Meeting 13

9:35-10:05 Salon 14 & 15

Meeting 14

10.10-10.40 Salon 14 & 15

Streamax AI technology applications in the railway industry

10.10-10.25 Festsaal (Main Ballroom)

AI is close, AI is far! AI is close as we hear about AI everywhere in our lives; AI is far away as we see most daily railway applications still not ready for AI. As a leading mobile video surveillance provider, Streamax has adopted AI technology in different areas of mobile CCTV: driver fatigue cameras, pedestrian and cyclist detection cameras in drivers' blind spot, forward collision warning cameras etc. In railway applications, Streamax introduced how their cameras can automatically detect if there are any suspect people/luggage in the carriage, ensure the metro is fully empty, and also introduced how face recognition technology can better protect passengers' privacy.


Pascal Yang

European Regional Manager


Custom - Reinventing the concept of safety

10.25-10.40 Festsaal (Main Ballroom)


Holger Sponholz

Regional Sales Manager DACH



10.40-11.10 Catering & Networking Area

The KONUX Predictive Maintenance System for Rail Switches – Actionable Insights, Easier

10:50-11:05 Salon 5

In this talk, delegates learnt how a Munich-based start-up is applying machine learning to provide actionable insights to infrastructure managers, empowering them to improve network availability and optimize maintenance planning. Drawing on examples from pilots in Germany and Sweden aimed at digitizing switch monitoring, KONUX presented what makes predictive models truly useful in avoiding switch failures, maintaining the quality of the track bed, and extending frog lifetime.


Thomas Böhm

Chief Data Scientist


Meeting 15

11.10-11.40 Salon 14 & 15

Future Railways Mobile Communication System Enabling the Railways Digitalisation

11:10-11:25 Festsaal (Main Ballroom)

Railways in Europe are preparing to replacing GSM-R. GSM-R is a success story: it is installed virtually throughout Europe (and in many countries around the world), it enables seamless connectivity between the train-driver and the dispatcher, improves safety via the Railway Emergency Call, and is an important component of ETCS. GSM-R’s successor, FRMCS, is expected to be available around 2022. It will be 5G based and aims to enhance railway safety and operations as well as provide a platform that enables intelligent infrastructure and real time applications.


Dan Mandoc

Professional Head - Telecoms

Network Rail

How future railway mobile communication can benefit from the evolution towards 5G

11:25-11:40 Festsaal (Main Ballroom)

Railway operators are facing key challenges to keep their operations safe, on time and to make train travel more attractive. Here, further digitalization is required for the introduction of services as enhanced Train Control, ATO, passenger services or the use of sensors for various purpose. The telecommunication network is a main cornerstone with its capabilities to serve mission critical communication, and Nokia explained what solutions are available when evolving from today’s GSM-R networks towards 4G and 5G technology. By leveraging the benefits of the evolution in worldwide telecommunication technology Nokia can efficiently address the requirements of the Future Railway Communication System (FRMCS)


Michael Klöcker

Head of Railway Solution Management


An efficient and future-proof introduction of FRMCS based on 5G technology

11:40-11:50 Festsaal (Main Ballroom)

The presentation started with a short summary of Deutsche Bahn’s ambitious vision regarding future rail operations, and on DB’s motivation to be among the very first railways to introduce 5G-based FRMCS. The talk then elaborated on the FRMCS introduction timeline that DB aims to pursue, and which encompasses comprehensive research and innovation collaborations, field trials and pilots, aiming to optimize 5G technology towards rail applications and scenarios and ultimately enable a timely and cost-efficient FRMCS roll-out. The talk concluded with considerations on the further standardization process for FRMCS, with a particular emphasis on how FRMCS could maximally leverage latest developments in cellular communications, while at the same facilitating the migration from legacy to novel rail communication technology.


Patrick Marsch

Senior Project Manager Digital Rail

Deutsche Bahn

Meeting 16

11.45-12.15 Salon 14 & 15

Panel discussion: 5G and FRMCS: The post GSM-R strategy for Railways

11:55-12:50 Festsaal (Main Ballroom)

What is around the corner for rail communication systems in a post-GSM-R landscape is still largely unknown, though all hope for the same destination: more efficient operations, more comprehensive information, and a better customer experience. Summit attendees heard from the experts forging the Future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS), from those leading the technological charge, from companies undertaking operational trials, and those setting the standards for implementation. Is 5G the essential part of achieving these goals? What are the technologies, the standards, the possible implementations that will make FRMCS not only a reality but a great success, and will anyone be left behind in the rush to the future?


Jean-Michel Evanghelou

Head of Telecom & Signalling

International Union of Railways (UIC)


Michael Klöcker

Head of Railway Solution Management


Dan Mandoc

Professional Head - Telecoms

Network Rail

Patrick Marsch

Senior Project Manager Digital Rail

Deutsche Bahn

Meeting 17

12.20-12.50 Salon 14 & 15

Meeting 18

12:55-13:25 Salon 14 & 15

Recreating Reality: The future is now (Co-organised by Hack Partners & DB Systel))

12:55-1325 Festsaal (Main Ballroom)

"Recreating Reality: the future is now" sets the tone for the path of future innovation in rail. The industry has embraced new technologies, new methods and new mindsets with great vigour over the past decade. It has challenged itself to move above & beyond but it is increasingly difficult to keep pace with the dizzying rate of technological change of today. Hence, the rail sector has chosen to embark on its next innovation "sprint" with key partners. These partners, DB Systel and Hack Partners, have brought bursts of innovation to new & old problems alike, helped small & large rail companies break the mold of technological stagnation and enabled the entire supply chain of rail to benefit from bleeding edge technologies. In the subsequent presentation and workshops, DB Systel and Hack Partners shared how they have energized the railway industry to truly re-create its reality.


Matthias Patz

VP Innovation & Ventures and Head of ThinkTank Skydeck

DB Systel GmbH

Raphael Cavalcanti

Chief Product Officer

Hack Partners

Chairman's Closing Remarks

13:25-13:35 Festsaal (Main Ballroom)


Francis Bedel

Chief Digital Officer

International Union of Railways (UIC)


13:35-14:35 Catering & Networking Area

Recreating Reality: Interactive Workshops - Design Dash

14:00-15:40 Salon 11

DESIGN DASH (Salon 11) In this workshop delegates experienced the mindset and methods of Design Thinking in a hands-on workshop instead of a long presentation. Afterwards, there was some time together to reflect on takeaways for your daily business as well as some projects carried out by experts within the Deutsche Bahn group.

Recreating Reality: Interactive Workshops - ShowCase Innovation Gallery & Live Dashboarding


SHOWCASE INNOVATION GALLERY (Salon 5) 8 interactive showcases presented by DB Systel and Hack Partners experts: Blockchain; LoRa Scale; IoT; Acoustic Infrastructure Monitoring (AIM); Immersive Technology - Augmented & Virtual Reality; Automated Manouevring (AuRa);; Hack Partners - Breaking Barriers in Rail Infrastructure. ------------------------- LIVE-DASHBOARDING (Festsaal, Main Ballroom) By joining this session delegates were able to explore the best practices of data visualisation in Tableau, how to bring out the insights from data and create impactful visualisations and meaningful data stories. In this workshop delegates were shown how you can achieve powerful performance and effective storytelling with the right tools and a smart approach. A live demonstration left delegates with some visual inspirations for large data volumes, visualised quickly in tableau.

Meeting 19

14:35-15:05 Salon 14 & 15

Meeting 20

15:10-15:40 Salon 14 & 15

Meeting 21

15:45-16:15 Salon 14 & 15


16:10-16:40 Catering & Networking Area