“Through its well balanced agenda, the presentations of keynote speakers, which I was happy to be part of, the panel discussions and the bilateral contacts, the edition of IRS in Vienna was certainly a particularly interesting event.”

Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, Director General, UIC

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The Waiting Lounge, an online matchmaking space for rail-sector buyers and experts.

“This was a top quality, highly professional event with excellent speakers providing stimulating and valuable insights into the current and future state of the rail industry.”

Howard Rosen, Chairman, Rail Working Group

“A well organized event with excellent networking  opportunities. A good mixture of conference programme and 1:1 sessions in superb surroundings."

Jan Grothe, Head of Procurement Principles & IT Systems, Deutsche Bahn

“I think the intimacy of the summit and the opportunity to have one-to-ones with suppliers, for me as a buyer, is extremely helpful. The big exhibitions can be slightly chaotic and sometimes you miss things that you would probably want to discuss. Where you have a more classical stand, where people are presenting their products, you don’t necessarily have the time to get into concrete discussions."

Claus Rehfeld Moshøj, CEO, Aarhus Letbane

“I think the networking opportunities were great. I had a lot of fun in that it provided me with an opportunity to meet people who I later met at the one-to-ones, and it made the conversation a lot easier because we already trusted each other."

Isaiah Okoth, Group CEO, Rift Valley Railways

“There have been some really high profile speakers. They get under the skin of some of the real big debates across Europe.”

Amanda White, Head of Rail, Transport for Greater Manchester

“I think the variety of subjects, from delivering urban rail services in the middle of a major city, to automation, I think it’s been an excellent conference. I think some of the conferences you attend are just looking at one subject. I think what this has done is taken the whole breadth of transport and how we deliver those services and what the benefits are to the customer, not only today but in generations to come, and I think it’s been really thought-provoking.

Steve Butcher, Global Transport - Transport Center of Excellence, Serco

“LEO Express, as a global alternative rail passenger transport operator, is constantly looking for inspiration and new partners - International Railway Summit is just the right place for that."

Peter Köhler, CEO Europe, Leo Express

“International Railway Summit is timely and addresses issues that are up to date and pertinent to the transport sector, with a focus on bringing together the private sector, manufacturers and governments for sustainable development.

Dr Ramiz Al Assar, World Bank Resident Advisor, Gulf Cooperation Council

“I think it’s quite a great opportunity for us to see such  a variety of opinions and views from the whole railway sector. So, honestly speaking, I cannot find a similar opportunity.”

Ichiro Takahashi, Executive Director Brussels Branch, East Japan Railway Company

"International Railway Summit is a very useful opportunity to refresh your mind in respect to railways innovations"

Stefan Karch, Head of Technology and Innovation, Swiss Federal Railways

“The unique format of the International Railway Summit really does connect suppliers with transport bodies in a way I've not seen elsewhere. With great content, this is an event worth attending.”

Jon Lamonte, Chief Executive, Transport for Greater Manchester

"The format was highly innovative allowing one to one meetings with a range of suppliers and also presentations on topics covering railways in Europe and beyond."

Stephen Rhodes, Director of Operations, Centro

“I had a very interesting experience attending Barcelona 2015 Railway Summit. It was a very good opportunity to meet professionals of the railway industry at all its levels: Managers, Providers, Technicians, regulators…. The one-on-one meetings also gave me the chance to talk about specific topics with some of them, so I fully recommend them.”

Pedro Pablo Garcia de Ascanio, Head of Internal Audit and Studies, Metro de Madrid

“If you want to reach affordable solutions for improving your business, it is essential to be familiar with upcoming railway innovations and the best practices from sector leaders. International Railway Summit is the ideal networking platform to acquire those competences in a relaxed and professional environment. A highly worthwhile and constructive experience.”

Marc Grau, Director of Ferrocarril Metropolità de Barcelona, Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona

“Most participants, both buyers and suppliers, stayed at the same hotel during the event. Therefore I spent time with other participants on also a non-meeting basis and could become better acquainted.”

Hiroyuki Watanabe, Senior Manager Brussels Branch, East Japan Railway Company


"The Summit was invaluable in gaining direct access to senior representative of major European Railways, both the formal and informal activities were well organised and provided an environment where suppliers and clients were relaxed in a “neutral” environment – well done IRITS!”

Robert Hudd, International Sales and Marketing Manager, Beena Vision Systems

"The summit I attended was a great success for our company. Good balance between attending buyers and sellers.  Perfect location, good speakers and nice framework programme. Excellent opportunity for presenting our products and networking.“

Johannes Hainbucher, International Sales Manager, Linsinger

"The International Railway Summit has a useful and unique platform for bringing parties with shared interests together. The combination of talks on relevant topics and scheduled one-on-one meetings created a good point of contact between potential customers and us as a supplier, and made the event very worthwhile. We look forward to attending again"

Troels Hannecke, CEO & CTO, Supeo

"International Railway Summit introduced a very unique, interesting and useful concept for getting parties together with shared interests in very specific topics, like railway infrastructure.  The intimate nature of the event and the scheduled one-on-one networking sessions made the overall experience very structured and worthwhile."

Brooks Bentz, Managing Director, Accenture

"I think a big advantage is the opportunity to have these face-to-face meetings; you really have time to speak, without any stress, with people who have the same interests and might have the same business needs, and really to get in touch with the right level of people on the right topics. I think the advantage here is not having thousands of people, where you really only have 1 or 2 minutes to have a talk, and this makes a difference. It is also the reason why I intend to participate in the future."

Peter Schedlbauer, Director Sales TSO & Rail, PSI AG

"The International Railway Summit’s unique combination of one-on-one meetings and talks on a variety of interesting topics creates a solid platform for meeting and networking with old and new contacts. Supeo greatly enjoyed this year’s summit as a headline sponsor."

Miriam Swietek, Communications Manager, Supeo

The event that took place in Vienna this year was a first networking event for me. I found it very professionally organised. I thought it was very interesting to attend some of the conference sessions. It enabled me to take a step back on some railway topics and get a global picture of the railway industry too. It was useful as well to meet other participants with various positions and from various companies. Meeting people during visits, lunches and dinners is an effective way of networking. I did leave the event with some business opportunities. I am going to attend next year's edition in Paris with hopefully the same satisfaction as a result!

Paul Cocheril, EMEA Railway Market Manager, HellermannTyton

“I had the pleasure and honor to attend this well organised event for the third time. I  experienced again the opportunity to meet prestigious decision makers from the rail industry, to exchange the latest project related information, to strengthen existing relationships or to begin new ones. The event has been marked by professional preparation, execution and a number of sophisticated opportunities! There is no question whether it´s worth attending. It is quite worth attending”

Markus Papke, Sales Manager, Rail, LAWO Informationssysteme

“The atmosphere experienced during the International Railway Summit was unique. Everything was very well organized! During the networking sessions we had the chance to talk with real experts and potential business partners, sharing our ideas and experiences.”

Mario Goretti, CEO, Agomir

“The International Railway Summit provided an effective platform for our company to understand new markets and meet with potential customer and partners. As a result of IRS 2016 we continue to work with new connections in the months following the event.”

Benjamin Crowe, International Marketing and Sales Analyst, Wi-Tronix

"The summit gave us the opportunity to make personal contact with a number of very senior personnel and buyers from international rail network and supply companies. We will definitely be attending the event again in 2016."

Andrew Schlich, Managing Director, AST Language Services

"LPT-IT attended the well-organized summit in Barcelona 2015. LPT-IT got a number of leads that would have been hard for us to find elsewhere.”

Lorens Thomsen, Sales Manager, LPT-IT

"An excellently organised and valuable meeting in Paris [IRS4]”

Mikhail Nikonchuk, CEO, West-Ter

“International Railway Summit was an interesting and well-organised exhibition-summit. I appreciate the opportunity for KleinTech to have a speech in front of Railway Industry leaders to present our innovative machine vision and deep learning based inspection systems, and also the chance to have one-on-one meetings with railway management decision makers. We gained good contacts and overall are pleased with the outcome of the International Railway Summit."

Kristine Tarvida, Marketing Manager, KleinTech Services

"The perfect platform to meet the 'railway family'. Well-organized conferences and meetings, and the attractive supporting program, offer easy access to constructive dialogues. We are looking forward to the next summit."

Elke Frommann, Head of Sales, Rail Systems, PSI Transcom

"The networking opportunities are superb"

Marcel Swagers-Zirkzee

Business Development Manager, Onboard Entertainment, Dawson Media Direct Ltd

“The conference was very well organized and we met potential clients that showed interest in our market and business activity.”

Fabio Antonacci, Sales Manager, Realcable

"It was a very interesting event with top management participants from the rolling stock business all around the world."

Björn Möhle, Team Leader Sales, Rail Systems, FOGTEC Brandschutz

"International Railway Summit was a really interesting summit. We met some of our key clients in a friendly, handy and productive atmosphere. Everyone was in an open and cooperative attitude"

Vanessa Gutiérrez Artés, Civil Technical Engineer, FCC Construccion

"The International Railway Summit was an excellent networking event offering both the possibility to get up-to-date information on major trends in the railway industry through high level keynote speeches and to meet potential new business partners in individual sessions. Very well organized, excellent new contacts, highly recommendable!"

Peter Krall, Business Development, Berner & Mattner


"For me as a Journalist specializing in rail it was a very interesting experience"

Edith Grünwald, Journalist, Austrian Press Agency

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